Recently some counterfeit products copy Anxing product to confuse customers, but they are not really Anxing products, they use the same model No. with ours, and the product appearance & packing are very similar to our products, but their components and materials are the poor material.

Our “Anxing” products are manufactured strictly in accordance with ISO9001 standards and with CE/FCC/ROHS certifications. All our products are passed 100% QC three times in producing and with perfect after-sales system. We have more than 10 product patents for our products which made our “Anxing” brand’s popularity getting higher and higher. Our engineer keep constantly upgrade fro our products following the security market to make them compatible with CVI/TVI/AHD perfectly, but the counterfeit products do not have their own technology, just simple plagiarism, there will be problems of instability and compatibility.

We hereby kindly remind please be careful when you buy these products and we welcome you to call us to identify when you buy. If you bought these counterfeit products, please call us to feedback. In order to protect the interests of customers, our company reserves the right to legal prosecution.

For products identify and counterfeit products report, please kindly contact us as below, thanks!

Tel: 0086-755-36697625 / 36697626

E-mail: sales@safestr.com.cn

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